Initial Army List – The Herd Begins!


K’inipta’s Changehorns

Alright, so while I wait for the moving company to finally drop off my stuff from the cross-country move, I thought I’d show off my initial (not-at-all-optimized) army list.

Because my regular opponent is just getting back into the swing of things, we’re going to start at a lower point value, and continue on escalation-style. 1000 points will be the first few battles, and they will be detailed as both blog BatReps as well as future Video BatReps to be posted here, and on YouTube. These will be coming as soon as we get our new Frontline Gaming Battlemat – we have to make it look pretty, after all ;).

Without further ado, the list:

K’inipta, Great Bray Shaman of Tzeentch– (Level 3, Additional Hand Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, Talisman of Pres., Lore of Beasts) -223 points

Changehorns, 29 Gors with Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch – 262 points

The Unseen, 10 Gors, shields, Mark of Tzeentch (Ambushers) – 80 points

K’nipta’s Spawned, 3 Minotaurs (Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command and Mark of Tzeentch) – 209 points

The Hounds, 2 units of 5 Warhounds – 50 points

Idol of Shifting Stones, Cygor – 175 points

They’ll be getting their first taste of battle this Friday. It should be noted, the picture above were some Gors I painted up quite some time ago, and no longer own. I’ll be doing a similar painting theme, but with more of an arctic vibe.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, comments etc., feel free to leave ’em here!