EoS (9th Age) Revamped, Reloaded, RETREAT!!!!

Hey folks,

So, I really, honestly, totally have been working on my EoS. The only reason the blogs have been backlogged has been so much time spent on modelling and gaming lately.


So, the first thing you’ll notice… no more Militia blobs. #SadFace

Militia, when not used in small bunkers or chaff units are… pointless, at this time. I’ve played roughly 6 games with them, using various character and magic support and…. they just barely do a damned thing. Other than die. Real good at that.

If they could get Support Unit back, they’d be golden. My suggestion has been that they follow Parent/Support rules…. but only with other Militia. Yeah, there’s a bit of TVI in there… but man, oh man… that would be fun.

Anyways, one of the newer things I’m trying tonight is…


9 Reiters – Brace of Pistols, Champ – Repeater Pistol

Inquisitor – Horse, Plate, Shield, Hammer of Witches, Brace of Pistols

I have a feeling this could be a great deal of fun… though, I am really considering building some Light Lance/Shield Reiters and let the Pistoliers go off on their merry way as harassers (and thus, cutting the Reiters with Repeater Handguns from the list… not sold).


Here’s where we’re sitting with the Imperial Guard. They’ve been cut to 28 with Command and the Rending Standard. Still have the Prelate General and the BSB in there. That said, I’m relying a lot more on using support units (Spears and Halberds), to create uncomfortable situations for my opponents.

The previous version was 38 with the same characters in line formation. It was buffed to the max and…eh… it was a death star. Trying to spread things out a bit more, now.

Also, handgunners… lulz…no. Not a fan. The potential is there… but the dice never seem to be.

Coming later today or tomorrow, some fluff and maybe a batrep from tonight (if I remember to take pictures this time…)




2018; New Army, New Vision and Commitment

Well, happy New year, Folks!

Sadly, I let this blog drop off pretty quickly … I will not be doing so again. I am fully committed to bringing you all sorts of fun stuff.

First and foremost, a look at what this blog will be doing:


  • The 9th Age
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Mordheim
  • Frostgrave

… probably in that order.

What you will see:

  • Army Projects
  • Painting Projects
  • Army Lists
  • Product Reviews
  • Rules Reviews
  • Rants. Lots of Rants.
  • BatReps (Videos and Written)

So, lets start the new year with a little teaser:

Yeah… that’s right… I’ve sold my soul to Sunna…

Skargit’s New Tribe

Hey folks,

It’s been a while! Since the Daemons have been more than kind to me, I thought I’d repay the kindness to the forgotten army- my Goblins. It’s been quite some time since the Crooked Fang Tribe has seen the field… and this makes me sad.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to bring the ‘ol Crooked Fang tribe out of retirement. However… I do not want to use my old army, for the following reasons:

  • My painting has gotten miles better since the onset of 9th Age (painting Daemons tends to do that)
  • The army spans 2 decades worth of models/painting… and looks really, really off.
  • I’d like to have a “For 9th” iteration of the Crooked Fang
  • I want to get away from showing any monetary support to THAT COMPANY and start showing off models from some of our affiliates and other companies
  • It’s a fun project!

I won’t be buying the whole lot at once (my Wife would kill me… but Visa would love me!), though, will be posting updates on my user blog.

So, here’s the model list- which, at this point, is what it is… honestly, not looking for too much advice on the list building itself (though, will never say no to a good idea), but am really interested in hearing suggestions on the models themselves! It’s daunting trying to put together an army from so many damned options- for 20 years, I’ve had one watering hole, now I have a whole city of bars to choose from. It can get a bit overwhelming.

Here’s what we’re looking at so far. Anything with a decided model will have the name bolded. Anything with a link directly next to the model is up for debate, still. For the time being, until I receive the model and get it painted, the links wills stay. If it says SUGGESTIONS WELCOME, that means I have no clue at this point, so lets hear it!

Skargit (Goblin King)http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&prodcode=82&prodname=Goblin+King+of+the+Labyrinth&id=118&Itemid=53

Gluglug (Goblin Big Shaman)http://cadwallon.com/xherus-the-visionary.html

Snazzrat Chickenblade (Goblin King on Wolf) – Suggestions Welcome

Grizlat Da Banna Wavva (Goblin BSBChief) – http://cadwallon.com/no-dan-kar-fishbone-bearer.html

Bargut Facestabba’ (Goblin Chief) – Suggestions Welcome

Zogoff da’ Shiv (Goblin Chief) – http://cadwallon.com/shigobi-goblin.html

Zappa’ (Goblin Shaman) – Suggestions Welcome

Da’ Fang Guard (Goblins)http://cadwallon.com/ashigarus-goblins-uraken-clan.html and command: http://cadwallon.com/ashigaru-war-staff-uraken-clan.html

Bargutz’ Stabbaz (Goblin Spearmen) – Suggestions Welcome

Da Raidaz (Raiders]) – Suggestions Welcome

Shaman Stikkaz (Archers/Shaman/Bsb Bunker) – http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war/goblins/product/goblin-spitters-regiment-20-figures.html

Big’N’Uglyz (Trolls) https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8684/16804343827_2e568f56de_c.jpg

Mountain Flattenerz(Spalatterers) – http://cadwallon.com/goblin-mountain-breaker.html

Mountain Breakaz (Scrap Wagons)http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war/goblins/product/goblin-mincer-1-figure.html

Rollin’ Thunda (Gnasha Wrecking Crews) – http://cadwallon.com/goblin-mad-wheels.html

I’m using a lot of Cadwallon/Rakham, and would like to diversify a bit- but I really, really love their sculpts.

So if you have any suggestions, I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Also, I’m open to the following:

  • Colour Scheme
  • Basing
  • Movement Trays

Any and all ideas are welcome!

9th Age Batrep #1: Goblins v. Elves of Light – 1500 points

Warning: This is the first time I’m creating a batrep between photos, notes and army chronicler. There are a few moments where I messed up, and really don’t feel like redoing the whole damned thing. Such instances include: the positioning to be slightly off (not often, though) and, mainly, a few small units like chariots and Elven Blademasters to have the frontage messed up on the input- so, between the pics and the actual game photos, I’m sure you can deal with my first foray into this

Dawn of the 9th Age

The Warboss kicked his wolf once, for good measure, as his drunken hordes began their decent into the valley.
“Oi! You lot! Spread out! Let ’em come at us from up da center… then, we’ll pounce”. As far as goblin military tacticians went, Skargit was a cut above.
Even if his ruse was plain as day to the most inexperienced Elf warrior…

….and it certainly didn’t help that his voice carried clear across the valley.

The Lists


Goblin General: Skargit Crookfang
(S) 11 Wolf Riders, Skargit’s Raidaz
– Wolfriders with Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command, Standard of Discipline

(Buzz) 50 Goblin Runts, Buzzgob’s Raidaz  + Buzzgob, Big Boss with GW and LA.
– 50 Goblin Runts: Spear, Shortbows, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command

(Slave) 30 Goblin Runts, Crooked Fang Slaves
– 30 Goblins w/shields, light armour, hand weapons

(D) Deff Diver

(GL11) Gob Lobba

(GL22) Gob Lobba 2

(W) 3 Wolf Chariots, Wolf Jalopies
– 3 Wolf Chariots

(Skarg) Goblin Warboss, Skargit
– Wizard Hood, Armour of Supreme Shielding, Shield, Spear, Hound

(Lanca1) Goblin Big Boss, Da Lanca’
– Fire Lance, Dragonscale Helm, Light Armour, Shield, Hound

(BSB1) Goblin Big Boss BSB, Da Banna Wava
– Enchanted Shield, Light Lance, Light Armour, Hound, BSB

(Glug2) Goblin lvl 2 Shaman, Gluglug
– Book of 1000 Incantations, Hound


Elven Defenders
General: Cyr
(AM) Cyr, lvl 4 Arch Mage
– Horse, lvl 4, Chanelling Staff, Path of Life

(M) Mage lvl 2, Mage
– Lvl2, Path of Valour

(EC) 15 Elven Heavy Cav, Elven Cavalry
– Lances, Heavy Armour, Barded Steeds, Shields, Full Command

(LG) 20 Lion Guard, Lion Guard  Note: Phoenix Warrior proxies
– Great Weapons, Heavy Armour, Banner of the Dragon

(Bl1) 5 Blademasters, The Jedi
– Champ

(Bl21) 5 Blademasters, More Jedi
– Champ

(Bl32) 5 Blademasters, Even More Jedi
– Champ

(E11) Elven Great Eagle, Eagle

(El22) Elven Great Eagle, Elven Eagle



Turn 1


The battle lines were, almost instantly reformed for the the Goblin hordes. Unfortunately, Buzzgob’s ladz didn’t seem to understand the orders given, and thus, decided it’d be a far better idea to crack open a keg and do as little as possible… ah, gotta’ love unruly

The magic phase saw little action, PD 5 v. DD 3. Gluglug attempted to cast Vindictive Stare at his quarry, the left-most blademasters, but was thwarted by the power of the Archmage. Skargit, in his typically haughty way, decided to one-up his professional wizard underling, and cast Miasma (rolled Shadow, took the sig) to slow down the Lion Guard. This worked….sort of… -1M. Yay, now they’re as slow as goblins.

Seeing the battle already off to a shaky start, the goblin artillery decided to make their presence known. The first rock lobber veered off it’s target (the Mage), and careened into the Lion Guard, smashing one. The second Lobber scored a direct hit on the same Lion Guard… however, the goblins crewing the machine used mostly pebbles and dung for their ammunition… only 4 of the proud Lions perished. Not to be outdone, the Deff Diver crew aimed at the Elf Wit de’ funny lookin hat, the lone Archmage, scoring a direct hit… causing 5 unsaved wounds. The noble Elven general was not having a good day…


Note: the wolfriders are on the OTHER side of the chariots…oops!

Elves of Light Turn 1


Witnessing their general knocked from his steed, the Elves of Light hatched a plan. A plan so clever you could pin a tail on it and called it a cat (?). As the Heavy cavalry began their flanking maneuver, the eagles got themselves into blocking position… the Blademasters began their advance, as well.
The magic phase… was a bit of an “oops” for the Goblins. 4PD v. 3DD saw the large version of Walk Between World go off, transporting the eastern-most Blademasters behind the tower, threatening the Goblin warmachine battery.



Skargit, the magnanimous villain he is, decided something had to be done…

Goblin Turn 2

Gob_v_HE_Turn_2_Skargit's_Ladz…but he wasn’t, for one second, going to let himself be the one to do it! Animosity was okay… but Skargit failed his stupidity check… and another stupidity check (BSB reroll didn’t really help) and was left with his mob of goblins, heroes and shaman.. counting their shoes, rather than paying attention to the battle.
The wolf chariots let out a WHOOOOP! and careened into the western-most Blademasters, while the Slave Mob moved up, threatening the middle unit of Jedi-wannabes. (I’ll pay for this comment later, don’t you worry).

Magic didn’t matter… it was 2 v. 1 and nothing happened.

Shooting was a little more… eventful. One Rock Lobber (the one previously firing random shrubs and dung) loaded an actual rock… and fell over, caught fire and exploded. Laughing hysterically, the next rock lobber fired their payload off into no-mans-land. The Deff Diver crew, knowing it was up to them, landed a direct hit on the lone Level 2 mage… 4 unsaved wounds. Splat. Buzzgob’s ladz, not happy to be outdone, let loose a volley into the nearby, threatening, swordmasters that appeared out of nowhere…. killing 4 of them, their champion remained vigilant and undeterred from his noble task.

In close combat, the western Blademasters were smeared into the dirt by the hollering goblin chariots who (shockingly) passed their LD check, and reformed, readying a charge against the Lion guard. Sure hope they don’t roll high and charge us first… (said every losing side ever).


Elves of Light Turn 2 – This Time, It’s Personal


The Elven host readied their blades- this would be a challenge that…well… goblins are still tougher than …ah… anyways. The Middle Blademasters charged headlong into the goblin slaves, an eagle squawked defiantly and ran forward into Bozzgob’s ladz, the Lion Guard rolled well and ended up in the face of the goblin chariots and the lone Blademaster champ, took the fight to the Doom Diver crew.
Magic and Shooting? All Elves love these phases. Except the kind that don’t. Like… when all the mages are dead and there was no shooting, anyways. So… these Elves don’t. At all,

In close combat, the Lionguard make short work of the charioteers, the slave goblins lose combat, badly, fail-fail their LD tests and are chopped into the grass by a pursuing quintet of Elven Swordsmen. The Eagle loses 2 wounds, and flees from Buzzgobz Ladz “Poultry’s back on the Menu, Boyz!”… but restrain! The Doomdiver crew is eviscerated…causing a panic test in those damned goblins that should have pursued the eagle (just, just close enough to test) and…fail. They, thankfully, roll pathetically low and do not run off the table.


Mental Note: **** Swordmasters….

Goblin Turn 3- What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


Seeing his prized minions dying in droves, Skargit did what any other Goblin Warboss would do… very little! The wolf mob, and shaman, angled in behind the Lionguard (can’t remember why they weren’t facing properly) and Buzzgobz Ladz rallied (thank god).

Shooting saw the remaining (very brave) Rock Lobber miss the Lionsguard. Magic, on the other hand, saw a not-so-impressive  6PD v. 4 DD. Vindictive Stare went off, smacking into the Lionsguard and, even with the Banner of the Skill-Dragon, saw 8 of them fried! Unbelievable! Gluglug, feeling quite arrogant, decided to throw down his Moon Curse getting a 19… the Elves, mustering their innate magical defenses…. showed 20 on 4 dice.

Elves of Light Turn 3 – What, us worry?


After three turns of sheer chaos, the Elves decided to hang back, a bit. The Cavalry put themselves into charge position on Skargit, the Lionsguard reformed and faced their assailants to come and the lone Bladejedi charged into the rock lobber.
That loan rock lobber was toasted, quite easily.


Nothing awful could POSSIBLY come from this…

Goblin Turn 4 – Skargit’s Big Turn Out!


Feeling rather…miffed… at his loss of valuable slaves, Skargit, Lanca’ and the BSB charged out of their unit and into the Lionsguard. Buzzgob and his lads exposed their rear to the lone SM Champ and ready to take some, fairly ineffective, shots against the middle Blademasters…. until I had realized that…oops, forgot to check unruly.  We reset the game state, and everything was fine…oh, except that Buzzgob & co. failed…again. Sigh, well, at least the remaining wolf mob got out of dodge, and the shaman positioned himself for a vortex.
The magic phase saw a whooping 10 v. 5! Skargit 3 diced Miasma, taking the Lionguards Initiative down by…1. Ugh.
Gluglug, in a rage after his last foiled attempt at his Nuclear attack, 5 diced Curse of the Moon… miscasting… and going off on a daunting daunting 32! The miscast took a wound of Gluglug (not too bad, considering) but for the artillery roll of the vortex… misfire. Ugh. Not additional damage went through, but the Elf Cavalry was spared a grizzly fate.


Close combat saw the Lionsguard score a few lucky hits, knocking the BSB out of the fight, while Skargit and Lanca’ took it to the White Lions, slaughtering all but one, who failed his break test, and was run down by the Goblin heroes …goblins.

Elves of Light Turn 4 – Jedi


This turn happened.

The eagle on the western front lunged into the Wolf mob, the Elven cav failed their charge, the middle Blademasters were stood-and-shooteded(ededed) to death by shockingly accurate archery from Buzzgobz Ladz (don’t get too excited for them) and, coincidentally, were rear charged…by a single… Blademaster champ. Hmm, I wonder what could possibly go wrong there?
The eagle did no damage and suffered 2 wounds in return. The Wolfriders reformed to face their fowl (ha) opponent. Then…there was that….Swordmaster. Blademaster… whatever the **** they’re called now. He killed 3 goblins, took no damage in return. Being steadfast, and all, you’d think the ladz could stick, but…nope. They all ran (all 47 remaining of them) and were run down by a single…god…damned… swordmaster champion. He’s a Jedi. End of bloody discussion.


We’ve since named him Obi-wan.

Goblin Turn 5 – So Long, and thanks for all the dead!


Not a lot to do here. I left the wolves, as is, and re-positioned Gluglug while the two Goblin chiefs rounded the large tree. Magic phase saw Gluglug try that voodoo-that-he-does one last time, getting it off…. aaaaaaand:


Yep….again. And that, my friends, was the end of that. Note, the picture above was taken after the next turn when the High Elven Heavy Cav mopped the floor with the wolfmob, and we called ‘er a day. We just took it for pure hilarity.



I fully admit, between me making some fairly silly choices in deployment, reaction, list build and my army kind of being at-odds with me, this was not a pretty game in any way shape or form. But, it was hilariously fun- and that’s all that matters. For a new player, Cyr is pretty damned good- well versed on the 9th Age rule set, very knowledgeable of EoL tactics, and just a great guy to play against.
Some 9th Age specific take-aways:
-I love how toned down magic is, now. Even with the loss of his mages in the first two turns, the EoL player had no worries.-Goblins are still goblins, crazy amounts of gear, or not.
-The phases seem cleaner, faster and with less RAW v. RAI- everything is just a quick flip of a page, and no disputes arose at all.

So, thanks to my opponent, thanks for reading, and thanks for putting up with some of the errors in here, as this is the first BatRep I’ve done in such a way.

Up next week: Elves of Light v. my Crusaders of Brettonum (1500 points).

All the best!

Still alive! – The Changehorns take game 1!

Hey all!

Haven’t forgotten about you- been a crazy, hectic, few days with regards to finishing the move from the West to the East in Canada. Hence my anger at Purolator… and my raised eyebrow at UHaul… but enough of that!

My good friend finally had his first game with his brand new Light Elf army (and first game in 10 years!). The list was something like this:

LE Prince- Mounted, 1+ armour save, dawnstone, Sword of Strife

LE Mage – lvl 2, Path of High Magic

LE Noble BSB – 2+ save

18 LE Spearmen with Bows

2x 5 LE Blademasters

5 LE Light Cav

It was a bit of a tabling- but, in fairness, he got some bad matchups against me. Some observations:

  1. My Cygor needs some target practice… but, overall, he did well (killed the Prince in CC).
  2. Minotaurs, buffed, a a train-O-pain. They knocked around the LE Infantry like they owed ’em money. While the elf infantry did admirably (killed 2 minos over the course of 3 CC rounds), the Champ had something silly like frenzy+4 bloodgreed counters on him, by the end of it. I think it was 9 S6 (Wyssan’s) attacks in his final beatdown of the Elf BSB.
  3. That +1 to hit (which is even better now, thanks to Elven Longswords) is nasty. I like the mechanic far more than I ever liked ASF. Feels cleaner, deadlier and fluffier.
  4. Wyssan’s is as nasty as ever. The Path Attribute is deceptively effective, as well! My good friend, K’inipta, successfully cast all 3 spells at one point, giving him frenzy, wyssans and TWH (so glad they brought that back) and, yay, +3 attacks from LA (+4 with frenzy). Let me tell you… while GBS aren’t known to be blenders, 7 attacks (re-rolling to hit) is just plain nasty. Really considering giving him a +S weapon and let him run as hybrid character.
  5. Dogs gon’ dog. Warhounds are, as always, sacrificial. They did their job- redirecting one unit of Blademasters and having the LE Light Cav running off into the middle of nowhere (and, with a weird series of events, having the Steroid-level-buffed Mino Champ run right into them… it was a weird one… but, damn, poor fellas!)
  6. The rules of Ninth Age are, in short, far more clear and concise than any previous edition. I’m not saying it’s perfect ( I have my own “frr-argh!” moments with the goblins in the TAC) but, in my humble opinion, it is a huge leap forward in terms of game design.

    Sorry, no official batrep, yet! That’ll be coming this week- Our Frontline Games Fat Mat is here, so now we can start taking photos and doing pretty batreps for you guys. They’ll start in old WD style *narrative and all* and lead into video batreps in the coming month or two.

    So, stay tuned… I may even post the first few painted members of The Changehorns in a day or two!

Initial Army List – The Herd Begins!


K’inipta’s Changehorns

Alright, so while I wait for the moving company to finally drop off my stuff from the cross-country move, I thought I’d show off my initial (not-at-all-optimized) army list.

Because my regular opponent is just getting back into the swing of things, we’re going to start at a lower point value, and continue on escalation-style. 1000 points will be the first few battles, and they will be detailed as both blog BatReps as well as future Video BatReps to be posted here, and on YouTube. These will be coming as soon as we get our new Frontline Gaming Battlemat – we have to make it look pretty, after all ;).

Without further ado, the list:

K’inipta, Great Bray Shaman of Tzeentch– (Level 3, Additional Hand Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, Talisman of Pres., Lore of Beasts) -223 points

Changehorns, 29 Gors with Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch – 262 points

The Unseen, 10 Gors, shields, Mark of Tzeentch (Ambushers) – 80 points

K’nipta’s Spawned, 3 Minotaurs (Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command and Mark of Tzeentch) – 209 points

The Hounds, 2 units of 5 Warhounds – 50 points

Idol of Shifting Stones, Cygor – 175 points

They’ll be getting their first taste of battle this Friday. It should be noted, the picture above were some Gors I painted up quite some time ago, and no longer own. I’ll be doing a similar painting theme, but with more of an arctic vibe.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, comments etc., feel free to leave ’em here!

The Ninth Age Lores: Lore of Beasts

lore of beasts

The Lore of Beasts – The Ninth Age Lore Review

Seeing as I’m starting a new Beastman Army for The Ninth Age, I’ve had to decide on one (of many) important factors with regards to building my army: magic lores.

Any veteran (or new, for that matter) WHFB player can wax philosophic about the synergy that comes from proper lore choice. This single decision often changes the synergy and gameplan of an entire force. Will you blast ’em with fire? How about going anti-meta with Metal? Well, Beasts has always been one of my favourite- not for the full lore, mind you, but because of the undeniably powerful Wyssan’s WIldform: a signature spell that, when successful, adds +1 T and S to a unit until the following turn.

Unfortunately, this lore didn’t have a heck of a lot else in 8th. Sure, Savage Beast and Impenetrable Pelt could be nice, bubbled (all characters within a certain range) if you brought a ton of cheap heroes, and kept the battle lines tight. Curse of Aranheir had its uses… but overall, the Lore always felt underwhelming.

I’m happy to say, I don’t believe that is the case, anymore. Let’s go through spell by spell:

Lore Attribute: The Beast Within
Due to the changes in lore attributes in The Ninth Age, there is a greater tactical focus on how they function. That is to say, they seem to function as more of a “free second spell”, rather than a minor (and, at times, useless) bonus. Again, another reason why lores like Life and Death were so popular, while Beasts and Heavens lagged behind. Here’s the text from the brand new Lore Attribute for Beasts

Target has +1 Strength or +1 Attack. (choose which when the the attribute is cast)
Right away, I’m excited. Combine with Wyssan’s Wildform (which has remained the same), and I can now dole out +1 S, T and A to my hammer units, such as Minotaurs- all with one cast. Incredible. Or, if I happen to have a unit of Gors fighting something that is tough, I can make it +2S and +1T. S5 Gors? S6 if, for some reason, I include the Beast Banner? This is now, officially, a dangerous lore attribute.
EDIT: As was pointed out by Altao, the lore attribute has the FOCUSED keyword, making it only target single characters. This changes the usage, obviously, but still seems fairly solid with a good, fighty, character in a unit.
Signature Spell: Wyssan’s Wildform
Same as it ever was, and I mean that in the best way possible. +1S and T for a relatively low casting value (10+ for 12″ range, boost to 13+ for 24″) for the effect, and a cornerstone of the lore. It’s all about buffing your combat units. Spells like this make good units into blue chippers and weak units into real threats (I’m still toying with the idea of S5 Ungors).
No change, really, and that’s a good thing.
1 – The Flock of Doom
Now we’re getting into the “rolled-for” spells. The old “flock” used to be a series of low S hits, that always seemed okay for Warmachine hunting… but not much else. The new, improved, version is another beast (ha) in itself. For a cheap 7+ cast, this attack causes 2D6 S3 hits at 24″ range (9+ boosted for 48″).
That extra point of strength matters. This spell has now become a great little chaff-killer, retains its warmachine hunting possibilities and, overall, just feels like it may have a place in my list, now. While certainly not the most powerful of spells, it has some potential.
2 – Inner Rage
The first “new” rolled spell. For a cheap 5+ cast, it can provide the caster’s unit with the Frenzy special rule. If boosted to 10+, it has a range of 12″. Now, I’ve always wanted to run a “Combat” Great Bray Shaman (Mark of Tzeentch, 4++ ward, Brass Cleaver etc.) and this augment really helps out. Frenzy can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes, it creates a possibility for redirection, and yes it can really mess up your ordered plan. That said, a charging horde of Gors could really benefit from this- especially if Wyssan’s and the lore attributes are used.
Imagine that, a frenzied unit of 50 Gors slams into (well, most things) with Inner Rage, Wyssan’s and a +1A and a +1S Lore Attribute applied. Based on a, say, 7 frontage, that would be: 42 (assuming plain Gors) S5 attacks that could, possibly, reroll to hit if the Primal Fury check is passed. Those cheap, iffy, Gors have now become a blender.
Some interesting combos can be made possible with this spell.
3 – The Amber Spear
Not a lot of change here, but I don’t believe much was needed, anyways. 9+/15+ for a S6/10 Bolt Thrower that causes D3/D6 wounds. The main change seems to be the rewording: the higher level no longer works as if it were a cannon. Though, overall, this won’t change much in its use, other than fiddly rules-lawyering.

The cost isn’t too bad at the lower level, and the higher level is a good “big game hunter” for an army like Beastmen, who lack serious ranged threats (I swear to god, I’m going to make Cygors work…). All in all, nothing too fancy, but some good magical firepower.

4 – The Wolf Hunts
Interesting doesn’t begin to describe this one. Middling casting cost of 9+/12+ for a range of 18″/36″. Oh, the effect? Yeah, it’s a permanent augment of +1M and Swiftstride special rule.

It is very, very rare in WHFB that you could really mess with your, or your opponents, movement values. In fact, this is a spell I’ve always wanted to see around (or something like it). The possibilities are overwhelming. Super-fast Minotaurs? Sure thing! M6 Gors? You got it! Swiftstride is just the icing on the cake, especially for an army that needs to be in combat- your Gor horde having some Cavalry-esque functionality is phenomenal.
Love it.
5 – The Curse of Anrahier
Ah yes, the spell that started the debate “Does open ground count as terrain?” Many a game has gone south (socially) because of the original, unclear, text of this 8th ed. favourite. Well, here’s what The Ninth Age had to say about it:

Target has -1 to hit (shooting and close combat),and treat all terrain (including open ground) as
dangerous terrain, and fails dangerous terrain Tests on 1 and 2

Hallelujah! We have clarity! SO, in essence, this is another spell to mess with movement. Will you stop your enemy dead in their tracks, not wanting to risk failing dangerous terrain tests, with your Wolf Hunts’d Minotaurs set up a juicy flank charge? Or do you just really like the utility of -1 to hit, especially for a Beastman army, that already has decent-to-good Weapon Skill?
An old favourite that has been clarified. It’s a thing of beauty.

6 – Transformation of Kadon
Another one of those former “Rules Lawyer’d to Death” spells. Well, folks, it’s a whole new ballgame, now:

Target get one of following effects (choose one
when spell is cast):
Aspect of Hydra: +2 Attack and Regeneration
Aspect of Chimera: +3 Strength, 4+ Scaly Skin
Aspect of Manticore: +4 Initiative, Killing Blow
Aspect of Dragon: +3 Weapon Skill, Strength 4 Flaming Breath Weapon

Very, very different spell, obviously. 12+ to go through on the caster (remember that Great Bray Shaman I was talking about?) or 15+ for a target within 12″. This, to me, feels like the perfect amalgamation of the former Lore of Beasts’ character buff spells. It has so much utility, and so many little meta-combos within it, the spell is just begging to be taken!

That’s All, Folks!

Well, this concludes the mini-review of the new Lore of Beasts. I’ll be updating my progress with it as I get more games in with The Changehorns, my new Beastman force.

If you’d like to check out the lores, for yourself, you can click here.

Thanks for reading, and keep on enjoying The Ninth Age!

The Ninth Age Begins!

Hey all.

With the coming release of beta for The Ninth Age, I have decided to do my part to keep the WHFB scene alive, the best I can.

While there has been much derision and angst lobbed at GW and their destruction of the Old World, from this elimination, I can see some potential for rejuvenation: an honest-to-god WHFB made by the fans for the fans. This is a massive positive.

In this blog, I will be detailing my adventures in The Ninth Age. Such posts could include:
-The tales of a friend of mine rejoining the game after a 10 year absence (what a time to pick).

-Battle Reports (both written and filmed)

-Updates on Ninth Age rules, tournies, etc.

-My new Beastman Army! Both the building, painting and the inevitable loses they will wrack up (I’m committed to making a double Cygor list work… seriously. Masochist. Right here).

I look forward to you all joining me on the adventure in this brave, new (GW-less) world.

All the best!