Still alive! – The Changehorns take game 1!

Hey all!

Haven’t forgotten about you- been a crazy, hectic, few days with regards to finishing the move from the West to the East in Canada. Hence my anger at Purolator… and my raised eyebrow at UHaul… but enough of that!

My good friend finally had his first game with his brand new Light Elf army (and first game in 10 years!). The list was something like this:

LE Prince- Mounted, 1+ armour save, dawnstone, Sword of Strife

LE Mage – lvl 2, Path of High Magic

LE Noble BSB – 2+ save

18 LE Spearmen with Bows

2x 5 LE Blademasters

5 LE Light Cav

It was a bit of a tabling- but, in fairness, he got some bad matchups against me. Some observations:

  1. My Cygor needs some target practice… but, overall, he did well (killed the Prince in CC).
  2. Minotaurs, buffed, a a train-O-pain. They knocked around the LE Infantry like they owed ’em money. While the elf infantry did admirably (killed 2 minos over the course of 3 CC rounds), the Champ had something silly like frenzy+4 bloodgreed counters on him, by the end of it. I think it was 9 S6 (Wyssan’s) attacks in his final beatdown of the Elf BSB.
  3. That +1 to hit (which is even better now, thanks to Elven Longswords) is nasty. I like the mechanic far more than I ever liked ASF. Feels cleaner, deadlier and fluffier.
  4. Wyssan’s is as nasty as ever. The Path Attribute is deceptively effective, as well! My good friend, K’inipta, successfully cast all 3 spells at one point, giving him frenzy, wyssans and TWH (so glad they brought that back) and, yay, +3 attacks from LA (+4 with frenzy). Let me tell you… while GBS aren’t known to be blenders, 7 attacks (re-rolling to hit) is just plain nasty. Really considering giving him a +S weapon and let him run as hybrid character.
  5. Dogs gon’ dog. Warhounds are, as always, sacrificial. They did their job- redirecting one unit of Blademasters and having the LE Light Cav running off into the middle of nowhere (and, with a weird series of events, having the Steroid-level-buffed Mino Champ run right into them… it was a weird one… but, damn, poor fellas!)
  6. The rules of Ninth Age are, in short, far more clear and concise than any previous edition. I’m not saying it’s perfect ( I have my own “frr-argh!” moments with the goblins in the TAC) but, in my humble opinion, it is a huge leap forward in terms of game design.

    Sorry, no official batrep, yet! That’ll be coming this week- Our Frontline Games Fat Mat is here, so now we can start taking photos and doing pretty batreps for you guys. They’ll start in old WD style *narrative and all* and lead into video batreps in the coming month or two.

    So, stay tuned… I may even post the first few painted members of The Changehorns in a day or two!

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